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Short:AWNPipe gui. Searches/Downloads Aminet Files V4.00
Author:Bruce steers <bsteers at>
Uploader:http://web ukonline co uk/bsteers/
Version:4.00 (02.12.2001)
Distribution:Aminet, Others Please Ask
Required:AWNP 2.43+ (included), Classact or os3.5+Reaction, RXSocket.library
Download: - View contents

                       this is an ARexx GUI using awnpipe

              it's kinda like the www Aminet Search page but is an
                 ARexx script independent of any web browsers.


Aminet.awnp NEEDS.
awnpipe  see (handler is included)
awnpipe uses ClassAct or os3.5+ Reaction to create the gui
ClassAct is available on aminet

rexxdossupport.library  (aminet)
rexxsupport.library     (aminet)
RXSocket.library        (aminet)

  Place Aminet.awnp somewhere in your path I will assume you used 'SYS:Tools/'

As I originaly made this for use with AmIRC i will give
instructions on how to add the ALIAS '/AA' to AmIRC's ALIAS list.

Auto Method:
Use the Add2AmIRC.rexx script to update your Default.AmIRCfg file
(if AmIRC is running you must reload the Default.AmIRCfg settings)

Manual Method 1:
type in a channel window ...

/ALIAS AA = /rx sys:tools/Aminet.awnp %p

then Saving Settings as default

Manual Method 2:
Use AmIRC SetUp menu to load the SetUp gui then Select Lists/Alias
Enter then new alias as ...

AA = /rx sys:tools/Aminet.awnp %p



there are 2 Icon tooltypes for font settings, these are read from the
Aminet.awnp icon at startup from both wb and cli.


from WB just Double Click the icon.

From CLI...

Aminet.awnp Syntax:

Args with /N are Numeric.

Args with /S are Switch , in not given then false else true.

Args with /T are Toggle ,
eg, use README=<keyword> , valid keywords are ON OFF YES NO .

Any CLI args given will override Saved Settings on startup.

NAME      ; The Search string (no need to type NAME just give a search pattern)
LENGTH/N  ; The maximum amount of search results.
DIR/K     ; The Default Download Dir
SITE/N    ; Number of the site. Numbers are given in Server Chooser gadget.
README/T  ; README=ON or YES to download readme files too, OR README=OFF or NO.
ASKDIR/T  ; ASDIR=YES OR ON pop up a Dir Requester and Change the default dir.
WAIT/S    ; ADD to args if you don't want to auto start searching at startup.
ONRETURN/S; Starts the search when pressing the return gadget.
HTTPMODE/T; Use HTTP aminetbin/find for Searching
EVERY/T   ; Updates lists with every result (slower but clearer)
?/S       ; Echo Syntax to shell or AmIRC (depending on calling enviroment)

Enter Search Strngs into the search gadget to begin an Aminet Search
Results are listed in a listview.
you can select items and choose to download or view the readme.
you can MultiSelect (Shift-MouseClick) Items.
You can Double Click Items to pop up a requester.
You can View and download items from the RECENT file
There is a pop up button to the left of the search string that has 4 items...

Find in List: Opens window for searching for text within results
Find Next:    Finds next match in list
(Choose to search in filename or info or both fields)

Load list: Loads a previously saved Results List
Save list: Saves the current Search results to a file

Filenames default is AA_[searchname]_[DATE] at [TIME]
for example..
searching for awnp might give

S:AA_Results/AA_awnp_22-05-01 at 8_11PM


You can set a choice of Aminet servers with the Settings menu item.

Also on this page you can set some commands...

Auto Start searching when hitting 'RETURN'
  begins search imediatly

Use HTTP aminetbin/find? for Searching
 This method sees how many results were found before reading on
 it has advantages/disadvantages , (find your favorite)

Update list after %n results
 0 = get all results then update list (fastest)
 1 = update list with every result (slowest)
 10 would get 10 results then update (play and see)
 really fast amigas might be able to update the list faster than
 the info comes accross the modem.

Commands run on events:
 1st is the 'Online Command' to be run before access to the interet
 2nd is the 'Offline Command' to be run when the program exits

SEE History.txt for more info on how this program works.


Catalog support was added with version 1.6 but has been removed
as it did not seem to work.

Please see the Language.readme in the catalog dir for adding your language.

And if you DO add your language PLEASE PLEASE upload your files
to aminet and include the Aminet.awnp Version they were made for :)
(: including the version in the Short: description would be good too :)


Special Thanks:

 William Parker <wparker at>
   For AWNP and all his help.
   If you want to write Easy ARexx gui's then check out AWNPipe at

 Javier de las Rivas <javierdlr at>
   For the Making/Updating the Spanish translation,
   For Suggestions for improvements that i added,
   and for finding a few little bugs for me to splat :).


        Please Send Suggestions/Requests/Bug-Reports/Praises to me at..

                             bsteers at

      Check www for Newer Versions by using the menu function while online

            visit my website at

                                    Bruce ..

Contents of comm/www/Aminet.awnp.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  971    1460  66.5% -lh5- d587 Nov 20  2001
[generic]                14664   44898  32.7% -lh5- eb6f Dec  2  2001 Aminet.awnp/Aminet.AWNP
[generic]                 1001    1493  67.0% -lh5- 462a Nov 14  2001 Aminet.awnp/
[generic]                 2678    5943  45.1% -lh5- 8bf9 Dec  2  2001 Aminet.awnp/Aminet.awnp.readme
[generic]                  779    1221  63.8% -lh5- 3384 Nov 14  2001 Aminet.awnp/
[generic]                  700    1323  52.9% -lh5- e1c6 Nov 14  2001 Aminet.awnp/
[generic]                  971    2023  48.0% -lh5- a779 Jun 30  2001 Aminet.awnp/files/Add2AmIRC.rexx
[generic]                  121     136  89.0% -lh5- 76f0 Jun 30  2001 Aminet.awnp/files/AWNPIPE
[generic]                37520   75956  49.4% -lh5- c8d6 Jun 30  2001 Aminet.awnp/files/awnpipe-handler
[generic]                  265     481  55.1% -lh5- 4b54 Jun 30  2001 Aminet.awnp/files/
[generic]                 1806    3634  49.7% -lh5- 9f2a Dec  2  2001 Aminet.awnp/History.txt
[generic]                  778    1221  63.7% -lh5- 86ad Nov 14  2001 Aminet.awnp/
[generic]                  894    1930  46.3% -lh5- 525a Dec  2  2001 Aminet.awnp/Install-Aminet.awnp
[generic]                  540    1256  43.0% -lh5- e43c Nov 14  2001 Aminet.awnp/
[generic]                  694    1323  52.5% -lh5- 5fc5 Nov 14  2001 Aminet.awnp/
[generic]                 2773    6057  45.8% -lh5- 5bf0 Dec  2  2001 Aminet.awnp/Language/Aminet.awnp_Eng
[generic]                  778    1221  63.7% -lh5- f7a5 Nov 20  2001 Aminet.awnp/Language/
[generic]                  965    1813  53.2% -lh5- 00a5 Nov 20  2001 Aminet.awnp/Language/Language.readme
[generic]                  776    1221  63.6% -lh5- b365 Jun 30  2001 Aminet.awnp/Language/
[generic]                  701    1323  53.0% -lh5- f2d4 Nov 14  2001 Aminet.awnp/
[generic]                 5892   10972  53.7% -lh5- 6f0e Jun 30  2001 Aminet.awnp/libs/rexxdossupport.library
[generic]                 1940    2524  76.9% -lh5- 8c12 Jun 30  2001 Aminet.awnp/libs/rexxsupport.library
[generic]                26518   48620  54.5% -lh5- fdcb Jun 30  2001 Aminet.awnp/libs/rmh.library
[generic]                20112   37620  53.5% -lh5- bb28 Jun 30  2001 Aminet.awnp/libs/rxlibnet.library
[generic]                22456   42652  52.6% -lh5- 78b7 Jun 30  2001 Aminet.awnp/libs/rxsocket.library
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        25 files  147293  298321  49.4%            Dec  3  2001

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