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Short:Fast Memory Monitor (Pre-Release/1989)
Author:Lars Wadefalk (Utopia/TSL)
Uploader:aminet aminet net
Architecture:m68k-amigaos <= 1.3.4
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                    Fast memory monitor version 1.0

                                Coded by :

                           Utopia/The Silents

As this is nearly a pre-release of the monitor it is lacking
of some functions that could be useful sometimes.
The reason why i didn't bother making them was that I am busy
right now with some other programs that i need to do.
(Among theese a MusicEditor program, which will beat 'em all!)
Still, this monitor in many ways is better than other similar
programs already out.

The main purpose is to have as big control over chipmemory after
a reset that is possible.
There are a few things that must be OK if the monitor must stay
alive in memory.
First, the execbase structure must partly be intact, or else no vectors
will be called. (CoolCapture and ColdCapture)
The FASTmemory which hold the monitor mustn't change, the program will
in that case fuck up.
It should be said that virusprotectors react on the monitor.

The monitor need about 40K of extra memory for screen bitmap, copper-
list and a disk-buffer.
I fix that problem by transferring the memory that is there to fastmem,
and each time you read or write data to this memory, it will be taken
from fastmem. (So if you disassemble at address $70FE4- the data will
be taken from corresponding address in FASTmem, $C70FE4-)
When you exit the monitor this memory will be restored properly.

As it is now you can read or write tracks, heads and sectors from
the diskdrives using a trackloader/saver (fuck trackdisk.device!)
I have also supplied a loader of DOS files (and displaying directories).
But, in future version you can count on a file saver as well.
When you use the read boot function, theese routines also check what
you've got in the bootblocks, (such as known viruses and a few boots)
A 'nice to have' thing, right ?

If you want info about each functions use the help pages in the
monitor itself.
When you start the monitor you will be prompted :
'Select reset priority (0/1) :'
'0' is for ColdCapture vector, '1' is for CoolCapture.

Whats on top of the list for future versions, you may wonder.

Well, I will first of all supply a absolute assembly routine.
I have already started on this, so it should be no problem.
As i said there could be some additional DOS options.
Like saving and deleting files, (renaming is really something for CLIMATE)
A 'info about file' option could be something too.
Something that would be nice, is that you could put the monitor anywhere
in the memory. (I'm working on a segment hunker routine!)
I will also add the crunch option, using bytekiller.
This is good, because this is an easy method of making game compacts.
Just reset, crunch, save, put intro and be happy.
The calculator routine need a paranthese handler, ex. ?$400+[[80/2]+1/[20*2]]
I had no time making this, even if it's quite simple to do.
An improved version of picture searcher couldn't hurt.
Search for another way of storing pictures (You know, the modulo technique!)
Sample search, something perhaps for muzak-makers. (I'll think about it!)
Of course, you can edit/display CPU registers in future.
I suppose you have good ideas out there too, why not share them with me?

My address is right here :
                        Lars Wadefalk
                        Moelndalsvaegen 57
                        412 63 Gothenburg
        Call me ? well, 46-(0)31-402573

Enjoy this utility.

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