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Short:V1.2, Keep your old floppy disks on HD.
Author:andrew.ab2000 at (Andrew Bell)
Uploader:andrew ab2000 bigfoot com (Andrew Bell)
Requires:Amiga 3.0, MC68020+, 2-3 MB fastram recommended.
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         Due to lack of feedback/interest, this might be the last
                       public release of FloppyFlux.


             FloppyFlux is EMAILWARE and is fully functional.

    FloppyFlux is a disk backup utility that enables you to store your
    old floppy disks on your harddrive, as disk images. Disk images can
           be compressed, if you have the XPK system installed.

                    See the guide for more information.


               New things in FloppyFlux 1.2 (Sun.27.Jun.99)

  - The user can now drag icons from WB into the main window. This will
    make it easier to import disk images.

  - The user can now hide the FF GUI. To do this WB must be open, because FF
    creates an AppIcon on the Workbench. Currenlty FF uses it's own .info
    file for the AppIcon image.

  - The main FF window now has a set of pull-down menus.

  - The user now has more control over compression. These new features can
    be access via the Image menu. They are called Pack selected, Unpack -
    selected, Pack All, Unpack All.

  - Disk images can be imported from and exported to files.

  - The main list now indicates what disk images have been packed. It
    also shows the compression method.

  - FF will automatically insert the disk's name in the Image Attr window
    when reading a new disk. This does not work for non-DOS (NDOS) disks
    (such a demos, etc).

  - FF now uses a simple cache file system to speedup directory scanning.

  - FF handles and reports XPK related errors better now.

  - Changed the way the XPK library is opened at startup. If it's available,
    it'll always be opened, regardless of the current compression settings.
    This makes life less confusing :)

  - The width of the settings XPK listview and the image listview should
    now stay fixed.

  - FF will not complain if an outgoing disk image is too big. Instead
    only the first 901120 bytes will be saved to the floppy.

  - FF now inhibits the floppy drive before reading or writing to it. This
    ensures that all applications running cannot use the drive while FF is
    working with it.

  - When canceling a "Delete All" operation, a requester is not displayed
    stating that nothing was deleted, instead user is notified via status
    string. This makes life less annoying.

  - Improved stack checking. FF now changes it's stack size to 16KB
    internally if it's allocated stack size is less than 16KB. If the
    allocated stack size if greater than 16KB, then the stack is not

  - FF will now alert the user if it already running. A requster will be
    displayed asking the user if they want to start another copy.

  - FF will rescan the disk image drawer when it has been changed. This
    can be useful if another program is such as Dopus is copying disk
    images into it. Note: This does not work with all filing systems, if
    this is the case then FF will function normally but it will not see
    the changes being made by the external program.

  - The source code has now been split into smaller modules.

  - Extended the height of the main image listview.

  - Many miscellaneous small fixes and changes.


 to get the latest release of this program and to see all of my other work.

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[generic]                22189   44888  49.4% -lh5- 3a9e Jun 27  1999 FloppyFlux1.2/FloppyFlux
[generic]                10914   29771  36.7% -lh5- c02b Jun 27  1999 FloppyFlux1.2/FloppyFlux.Guide
[generic]                  966    2119  45.6% -lh5- eb3a Jun 27  1999 FloppyFlux1.2/
[generic]                 1123    4242  26.5% -lh5- 50f0 Jun 27  1999 FloppyFlux1.2/
[generic]                 1666    3760  44.3% -lh5- 5a80 Jun 27  1999 FloppyFlux1.2/FloppyFlux.readme
[generic]                  963    2119  45.4% -lh5- d00e Jun 27  1999 FloppyFlux1.2/
[generic]                62326  105728  58.9% -lh5- 06d3 Jun 27  1999 FloppyFlux1.2/Libs/gtlayout.library
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