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Short:Config. WB title w/ Amiga/VMM/Retina mem
Author:Mark A.Thomas; Martin Kaim (Gwardar)
Uploader:Martin Kaim studbox uni-stuttgart de
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Change the text on the Workbench title bar according to your liking *now*
WBTitle can show whichever memory settings you prefer in the title bar,
including all the standard Amiga memory types (chip/fast/public/total),
plus virtual memory (if VMM is active) and Retina gfx board memory (if
such a board is installed).

You may combine any of these options in any order and give a separate text
string for each of the selected options, plus prefix and suffix strings for
the title as a whole, so the title can cover a vast range of alternatives:

from e.g.
"WB" - for the minimalists among us ;->

"Amiga - on the prowl again... 123,456,789 bites to still the hunger!"

(with 123,456,789 bytes being the current free public memory and 'bites'
 intentionally spelled like this :-)

up to a very long line including all of the above mentioned options and
only fitting on a huge WB screen (on a gfx board) - test the example
settings to see what I mean.

Notes on WBTitle 1.4:

This is a full update, as usual including source & executable.

Based on the previous Aminet releases wbtitle.lha by mthomas at
(Mark A. Thomas) and WBTitle13d.lha by me.

* A word of thanks goes to Mark A. Thomas for releasing this code into the
* Public Domain- IMHO it's good example code on patching intuition functions.

WBTitle 1.4 is the (final) 'multi-locale' version which should work with
ANY Workbench locale. To achieve this, two new tooltypes were introduced by
which you can adapt this program to your specific Workbench settings.

This implies that the executable is no longer compiled for a specific, e.g.
German WB locale, as it had been in the WBTitle13d archive.
Instead, it defaults to English locale and comes with example settings for
both English and German locales.

These settings, entirely contained within the icon file, can be easily
changed to suit your needs.

You no longer have to fiddle with the source and compile your own
executable to get this working with locales other than English or German.
So, you don't need a compiler and also don't have to know anything about

However, source, makefile and optionfile are still included, as the
program is PUBLIC DOMAIN.

If no serious bugs occur, there should be nothing left to do on my part.
Feel free to contact me nevertheless if there still are bugs, but please
do tell me how to reproduce them, otherwise I can't fix 'em as I only have
little spare time to further spend on this tool.

If you want to add features for yourself, then do so. However, if they are
well-tested and you think others would like them, then please upload the
enhanced version to Aminet like it has been done before, for the Community
to share...

And please add the enhancements to the doc file, too. Even if it's tedious
work writing docs (compared to coding) ;->

Enjoy,  Gwardar.

Contents of util/boot/WBTitle14.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                   83     100  83.0% -lh5- 80f4 Mar  6  1995 WBTitle/Source/SCoptions
[generic]                  281     541  51.9% -lh5- 11e9 May 26  1995 WBTitle/Source/sMakeFile
[generic]                 5274   16007  32.9% -lh5- 9755 May 26  1995 WBTitle/Source/WBTitle.c
[generic]                   61      69  88.4% -lh5- e3ef Mar  5  1995 WBTitle/Source/WBTitle.h
[generic]                 3466    5704  60.8% -lh5- 8136 May 26  1995 WBTitle/WBTitle
[generic]                 4272   10541  40.5% -lh5- 3e78 May 29  1995 WBTitle/WBTitle14.doc
[generic]                 1584    3223  49.1% -lh5- ad81 May 29  1995 WBTitle/WBTitle14.readme
[generic]                 1343    4734  28.4% -lh5- af6b May 26  1995 WBTitle/
[generic]                 1352    4743  28.5% -lh5- d514 May 26  1995 WBTitle/
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         9 files   17716   45662  38.8%            May 30  1995

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