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Short:Animate your Workbench backdrop!
Author:Gareth Murfin (gazy at
Uploader:Gareth Murfin (gazy globalnet co uk)
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                          WbLogo v1.2 - By Gareth Murfin
                              * December 23rd 1997 *

This is an excellent new Wb utility designed to show off the Amiga OS to its
fullest by having an on screen animation running all the time on your Workbench
backdrop! WbLogo was inspired by the transfer animations of popular browsers
which impress anyone, I decided that if Workbench had its own 'transfer anim'
type thing it would be very impressive so I sat down and made WbLogo.

WbLogo comes with lots of animations to choose from and also instructions on
how to convert any animgif to work with it. This is obviously useful because
there are loads of great animgifs on the web which could be converted for

WbLogo is the newest thing to make your Amiga OS look great and even impress
your PC and Mac owning friends who don't have the equivalent for their own OS.


1. Reboot your Amiga so that you arent running any applications like MUI which
will change your Wb pallette.

2. Look at the WbLogo.anim's and find the one you want to be installed to your
workbench backdrop. Then load PPaint and load the anim as an animbrush. Then
use the Ppaint grab screen option to grab your workbench screen. Then in the
brush menu remap the colours of the brush. This will make the brush's pallette
the same as your workbench so that the animation looks ok.

3. Then rename the WbLogo.anim.x to WbLogo.anim and copy it to the WbStartup
drawer, then copy 'Wblogo' to the WbStartup drawer.

4. Then edit the tooltypes of the WbLogo icon and change the X and Y tooltypes
to position the animation where ever you want it on your Wb screen.

5. Copy the rest of the animations to somewhere safe on your harddrive so that
you can change the aniamtion for a new one if you want to.

6. Voila... thats it! Now each time you boot you Amiga you should have the anim
of your choice on the Wb screen....

                     Making your own Animations for WbLogo

WbLogo uses the colours of your Workbench to display all animations, this means
that if you just make an animation and stick it in then it will look crap. So
you must make the animation a certain way in order to get it to look good.

1. Firstly you should get the exact colours of your workbench into your paint
package. I found the best way to do this is to take a screen grab of your
Workbench and load that up. Then clear the screen and work with the colours
you have from your wb. Obviously the more colours you have on your WB the

2. Secondly you should make an 'AnimBrush' in Dpaint or Ppaint and save it as
WbLogo.anim. Then copy it over the original Animation in the WbStartup drawer.

3. Double click on the 'WbLogo' icon and see if its good.

                     Converting AnimGifs to work with WbLogo

Since there are many excellent Animgifs on the web which look very impressive
I decided to workout how to convert them to work with WbLogo. It is an easy

1. Firsly you have to convert an AnimGif to an AnimBrush. This is very easy if
have Ppaint 7.0, simply load it up and click on the Arexx Crown in the menu and
load the Animgif you want. Make sure that the Animbrush box is ticked when doing

2. Now take a screen grab of your workbench and load it up into the paint
Then with the AnimGif still as your brush goto the Brush menu and Remap the
This should remap the colours of the brush to your Wb colours. Now the AnimGif
been successfully converted to an Animbrush which should look fine in WbLogo.
the Animbrush as WbLogo.anim in the Wbstartup directory. Double click the icon
see if it looks ok.

                                    Known Problems

 When MUI loads it usually messes with the Workbench palette, So if you load
 any MUI programs like for instance YAM, Miami, iBrowse, Voyager then WbLogo's
 backdrop animation colours might be remapped ;-( This will usually make the
 animation look crap..although in some cases it has been known to look pretty
 cool ;-).. This problem however isnt so bad because the animation will be
 100% perfect again after a reboot. To solve this just quit WbLogo when using
 MUI or just grin and bear it because you wont be using MUI all the time so most
 of the time WbLogo will look fine.

 If the X & Y tooltypes are too high then WbLogo will attempt to open its
 animation off the screen, this however will not be possible so it will report
 a problem. To solve this lower the values for X & Y in the tooltypes...

 If the WbLogo.anim file is not found in the Wbstartup drawer along side the
 WbLogo exe file then it will crash... to solve this copy the file into the
 same dir as described in the installation instructions.

 Very large anims are restricted only by chip mem so try these at your peril. a gfx card ;)

 If you didnt remap the animation to the colours of your workbench then the
 animation is likely to look rubbish! To solve this remap the anim to your WB
 colours as desribed in the installation instructions.

 If you include an Icon for the animation file then this will result in an
 error everytime you boot because the Wbstartup drawer is trying to execute
 it everytime.. Solution, dont include an icon for the WbLogo.Anim, but remember
 DO include the WbLogo exe icon or it wont work ;)

 When making your own animation sometimes it plays too fast because of the fast
 bitmaps etc used in WbLogo. So if you make an animation which appears ok on
 ppaint/ViewTek but doesnt play well in WbLogo then you maybe have to slow it
 down. The best way to do this is to go through and make a double of each frame.
 This will half its speed and usually makes it play much better. This is simple,
 just goto the first frame and add a frame, then goto the second frame and add a
 frame. Each time you do this you dupicate the frame so that it takes double the
 time to play.

 Registration - WbLogo is AnimWare!

 Since WbLogo isn't restricted in any way you may think registration is pretty
 pointless. However registering is free basically and once registered you will
 be able to submit your own animations to me to be included in the archive for
 the next version.

 To register simply make your own animation which works in WbLogo and eMail it
 to gazy at along with a little readme file to explain how & why
 you made it aswell as your eMail address and URL etc.

 Once I have received your animation I will put you in a special list which
 will be included in the WbLogo archive and I will also credit you for your
 animations. The animations will be included in the next version of WbLogo.

 This will also allow me to see how popular WbLogo is and just how widely
 it is used.

 Users anims will go into a dir in WbLogo called 'MoreAnims' along with
 your the readme's for them etc...

 A text called RegedUsers.txt contains all the registered users, their eMails
 and details about the animation they did.

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  Gaz - gazy at
      - GalaxyNet #AmIRC (SpryNet.Us.GalaxyNet.Org)

  WbLogo® is Copyright © Gareth Murfin
            C< Alpha Software.

Contents of util/boot/Wblogo.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  266     628  42.4% -lh5- c98b Dec 23  1997
[generic]                 3889    8388  46.4% -lh5- 8fcb Dec 23  1997 Wb_Logo/MoreAnims/a1200.anim
[generic]                53227   70530  75.5% -lh5- 9ee1 Oct  3  1997 Wb_Logo/MoreAnims/amiflag.anim
[generic]                42244   72862  58.0% -lh5- 0092 Oct  3  1997 Wb_Logo/MoreAnims/amiga.anim
[generic]                  155     222  69.8% -lh5- c85f Oct  4  1997 Wb_Logo/MoreAnims/amiga.readme
[generic]                 3648    6736  54.2% -lh5- 284e Sep 23  1997 Wb_Logo/MoreAnims/boing.anim
[generic]                  952    1785  53.3% -lh5- 65c9 Sep 23  1997 Wb_Logo/MoreAnims/boing.readme
[generic]                 6138    9668  63.5% -lh5- 0750 Oct  2  1997 Wb_Logo/MoreAnims/e.anim
[generic]                 1920    4252  45.2% -lh5- 4d59 Dec 11  1997 Wb_Logo/MoreAnims/spin.anim
[generic]                  265     542  48.9% -lh5- 948f Dec 23  1997 Wb_Logo/RegedUsers.txt
[generic]                18223   40634  44.8% -lh5- b590 Sep 10  1997 Wb_Logo/ScreenShot.iff
[generic]                24448   46788  52.3% -lh5- 1c47 Dec 23  1997 Wb_Logo/WbLogo
[generic]                 5558   18308  30.4% -lh5- b289 Sep  9  1997 Wb_Logo/WbLogo.anim
[generic]                 6544   19298  33.9% -lh5- 8fa8 Sep  7  1997 Wb_Logo/WbLogo.anim.1
[generic]                 5790   16340  35.4% -lh5- 52aa Sep  7  1997 Wb_Logo/WbLogo.anim.2
[generic]                12219   16874  72.4% -lh5- adc5 Sep  7  1997 Wb_Logo/WbLogo.anim.3
[generic]                 6414   19284  33.3% -lh5- a666 Sep  8  1997 Wb_Logo/Wblogo.anim.4
[generic]                19422   29620  65.6% -lh5- 22bb Sep  8  1997 Wb_Logo/WbLogo.anim.5
[generic]                 6750   13790  48.9% -lh5- 706c Sep  9  1997 Wb_Logo/WbLogo.anim.6
[generic]                 6536   18482  35.4% -lh5- e6d1 Sep  9  1997 Wb_Logo/WbLogo.anim.7
[generic]                 5558   18308  30.4% -lh5- b289 Sep  9  1997 Wb_Logo/WbLogo.anim.8
[generic]                  283     417  67.9% -lh5- 7820 Dec 23  1997 Wb_Logo/
[generic]                 3841    9464  40.6% -lh5- 69d6 Dec 23  1997 Wb_Logo/WbLogo.Readme
[generic]                  581    1501  38.7% -lh5- 25c2 Dec 11  1997 Wb_Logo/
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        24 files  234871  444721  52.8%            Dec 26  1997

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