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Short:Versatile Amiga Test Program
Author:jochem_caspers yahoo com (Partial Author J.J. Caspers)
Uploader:jochem_caspers yahoo com (J.J. Caspers)
Version:1.5 beta:
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 1.1
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An Amiga TestProgram for all Amiga`s.  This is a beta version and fifth
release. Older versions 1.1 and 1.2 have a problem with the diskdrive, button
invert CIA-B will make the diskdrives step down for each click, it may damage
your diskdrive! Please remove any old versions of this program as it can step
to far down!  Remove hardware from parallelport when doing test on the
parallelport and real interrupt testing!

Main features include:

ROM testing
AGA and none AGA screen tests
FPU testing (060FPU may crash)
Memory testing, will run fast
CD32 joypad testing (insert first)
Alot of Diskdrive testing (click rmb)
Addressline testing
Parallelport testing
SerialPort testing
Real Interrupt testing
Interrupt Requests testing
CIA testing (more tests then other programs)
Keyboard testing (more options then other programs)
Audio Testing
RTC testing

Update log 1.5b
RTC alot of changes for testing.  Not 100% done, older RTC still needs work
  take in account control of RTC is pretty direct.
TOD timer counter added to check if RTC is running about the right speed
RTC Clock Setting
RTC Small protection for wrong input
RTC AM/PM 24H mode. Program will not adjust RTC hour registers!
RTC Jumpstart
Small slow down between serial/parallel port switching and reading results.
   Fix for A1200 users with slower logicport chip U29/U28.
Gayle int hanging fixed
Extra mode added for interrupt testing. You can now shutdown interrupts on
  first activation, it will avoid hanging of interrupts.
Crash caushed by using frequency buttons fixed
Improved ICache Tesing, program will reroute with a faulty instruction and
  instructions have to be more accurate or else it will fail the test.
MMU Turnoff button
Data Cache Test
Parallelport pulse mode will pulse on SEL POUT BUSY. Use RMB.
Diskdrive CIA waiting improved
Bug fixing

Update log 1.4b

Guide for all the functions of the program
ROM checksum test looping till mouse is pressed
Extended ROM test with checksum
Read only mode memorytest
Loop function memorytesting
All colors registers test
Audio one button for frequencies
Audio fast switch buttons turning on and off channels, left right etc.
RTC can readout two types of RTC chips
RTC write test of days
ICache memory test, is still in work.
Memorytest bug removed no reseting error counting.
MemoryDetecting, not finished yet
Slowmem removed from menu for AGA amiga`s
Interlaced Test
Better pattern Superhires screen
Bug fixing

Update log 1.3b

ICache on Button gives reponse
Rev and ID number for 060 CPU
SerialPort pulse test signal activity on screen
Level 7 counting
option removed for now Invert CIAB button

Update log 1.2b

Better warning message parallelport
Bug fixing!
Bob testing will test all possible logic combinations of blitter
Bob stress testing
RTC begin work not complete, don`t use!
Color fixing for sprites
CPU cache turn on button
FPU060 test partial fix, need 68060 library running!
060/040 address exception test added

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