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Short:Picasso96 for Amiga graphics boards
Author:Tobias Abt and Alexander Kneer
Uploader:Tobias Abt <tabt gmx de>
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This archive contains all you need to get Picasso96 up and running on your
Amiga.  Picasso96 offers support for many different Amiga graphics boards,
has  builtin  HiColor and TrueColor support for intuition screens and many

- Kickstart and Workbench 3.0 (V39) or later,
- Motorola MC68020 processor or better,
- Altais, CyberVision64, CyberVision64/3D, Domino, Merlin, oMniBus,
  PicassoII, PicassoII+, PicassoIV, Piccolo, Piccolo SD64, Pixel64,
  Retina BLT Z3, Spectrum or uaegfx (for UAE, the UNIX/unusable/usable
  Amiga Emulator).

Picasso96 is ShareWare. Requested fee US$20 or DM30, free to use for
PicassoIV and Pixel64 users (the manufacturers of those cards already
paid for these licences) and the really few ones that already have
sent us a donation.

No distribution restrictions as long as the the archive is complete
and none of the files within is changed. BBS notes may be added.

Short history:

Changes in 2.0:
- version bump due to large improvements.
- first Draco Altais support.
- rtg.library:
  - all Amiga graphics functions using the blitter now have working fallback
    routines using the CPU instead if necessary.
  - *NEW FEATURE*: added functionality to patch the most common native
    Amiga chipset screen modes to use a Picasso96 board to ease use and
    installation of Picasso96 on systems that don't have a native Amiga
    chipset (like the Macrosystem Draco) or that have no monitor attached
    to the native chip set signal connector or that don't have a flicker
    fixer and no 15 kHz capable monitor. To enable this feature add the
    tool type "FakeNativeModes=Yes" to the monitor driver of one of your
    cards (defaults to "Yes" with the Draco Altais and "No" for all other
    cards) and remove all native Amiga monitor drivers (!). Now, when the
    system uses one of the native Amiga screen modes (currently only
    LowRes, HighRes and SuperHighRes and their interlaced counter parts),
    a 640x480 31kHz 60Hz screen mode on the graphics card will be used.
    Note: this mode is not configurable and it is not intended to be,
    because you should use real Picasso96 screen mode IDs whenever you
    can. Its only intention is to get the workbench on a VGA compatible
    screen when the current screenmode.prefs contains an invalid mode
    id. May also be useful for some (stupid) programs that default to a
    custom screen with a native Amiga screen mode after installation.
  - added checks and patches to support Draco (thanks go to Jürgen
    Döffinger for doing a big part of the work).
  - fixed BltBitMap rendering bug when blitting from 24 bit RGB to 32 bit
    BGRA (and also BGR to RGBA) (discovered by Niels Knoop).
  - fixed wrong line drawing on clipped planar Amiga bitmaps (thanks
    to Thomas Richter for finding and describing the bug).
  - found a wrong CyberFMT assignment that could cause HiColor bitmaps
    to get the wrong color format when used with programs using the
    cybergraphics.library API.
  - fixed slightly wrong MonitorSpec->ratio* values.
  - rearranged main library files and linking to ease replacing object
    files with own routines for programmers participating in the
    Picasso96 rtg.library development.
  - added support for non-disk based board drivers (for drivers that
    will be launched automatically by UAE).
  - board drivers can now suppress the loading of settings and the
    creation of the edit screen mode used by Picasso96Mode. This is
    useful for drivers that generate their own display ids like UAEgfx.
  - fixed a possible race condition problem with the rtg.library memory
    pool management functions.
  - *NEW FEATURE*: software sprite routines will use on-board blitter 
    when available. Therefore boards which have a blitter reserve about
    12 KB of their memory for sprite and back buffers. This might affect
    the size of the largest screen that can be opened in some systems
    (mostly with 1MB cards).
  - fixed rendering problem with softsprites on Hi/TrueColor screens
    where transparent part was visible.
  - *NEW FEATURE*: alerts (Alert(), DisplayAlert(), TimedDisplayAlert())
    now are rendered into the front most screen if it is a Picasso96 one.
    After termination of the alert, the display is restored.
  - *NEW FEATURE*: board drivers can now prevent the loading and attaching
    of settings files. Useful for the UAEgfx driver that creates its own
    modes and cannot use standard settings definitions at all.
  - *NEW FEATURE*: new environment variable "DisableAmigaBlitter" which
    even forces blits on standard planar Amiga bitmaps to be performed
    by the CPU. Set to 'yes' to enable this feature. If you don't use
    native Amiga screens, this could improve some operations on fast
    processors. On the other hand, Amiga screens will be slower.
    Defaults to 'No'.
  - *NEW FEATURE*: new environment variable "PlanesToFast" which when
    set to 'Yes' will allocate planar bitplanes to fast memory except
    when the caller requested a visible or standard bitmap. Defaults
    to 'No'.
  - Flood() patch added (our thanks go to Olaf Barthel for the code).
  - BitMapScale() now scales between all combinations of RGB formats
    but needs to allocate some temporary memory, if this fails, nothing
    will be scaled... we should do a simple, braindead and slow fallback
    routine that needs no buffer for that case.
  - some internal optimisations, removal of unused code etc.
  - implemented CPU version of AreaEnd() which is important for the 
    Draco, but with 68040 and 68060 systems this one is also faster
    than the original using the blitter (at least with ECS).
  - fixed bug in AreaEnd() which caused crashes (e.g. IconEdit filled
    ellipses that extended into negative rastport coordinates).
  - fixed BltMaskBitMapRastPort() bug with standard planar Amiga bitmaps.
  - fixed bogus softsprite savebuffer restoration in upper left corner.
  - fixed bugs that caused CVision 3D to clear a small odd rectangle
  - added functionality to our custom semaphore routines and found a
    bad bug, too. Rechecked all possible scenarios.
  - fixed BltPattern bug which sometimes caused wierd results when the
    DisableAmigaBlitter environment variable was set.
  - fixed a small problem with LoadView that led to incomplete wakeup
    after a program had temporarily changed the display with LoadView(0).
    Thanks to Pavel Narozny and Thomas Richter for pointing that out.
  - possible enforcer hit in AllocBitMap() fixed by Thomas Richter.
  - Draw() bug with line pattern on obscured clip rects and another
    possible race condition issue in Draw() fixed by Thomas Richter.
  - fixed a rare but serious bug triggered by Picasso96Mode, causing it
    to crash.
- PicassoIV, PicassoII, Piccolo, Piccolo SD64, Pixel64, Spectrum (all
  Cirrus based boards):
  - fixed mouse sprite rendering problem at top of the screen when
    BIGSPRITE was selected (also Thomas Richter).
  - fixed yet another sprite rendering problem that could cause illegal
    memory accesses with autoscroll screens (again Thomas Richter).
- PicassoIV:
  - more and finer pixel clocks for better mode adjustment.
- CVision3D:
  - fixed ZorroII YUV422 PIP problem using the wrong memory aperture
    (Pavel Narozny)
  - extended memory clock range from 45 to 77 MHz - still defaults to
    55 MHz
  - implemented hardware acceleration for 2D line drawing
- RetinaBLT Z3 and Draco Altais (NCR chip driver changes by Jürgen
  - small changes with masked blits (less overhead).
  - implemented hardware support for BltPattern.
  - hardware sprite uses color 3 as inverted color now (unlike all other
- added Draco checks to monitor driver.
- InstallScript and Installation:
  - Added the Draco Altais.
  - Added PVS, the Picasso96 Variable Setter by Ralph Torchia (requires MUI).
  - Creates ENV:Picasso96 and ENVARC:Picasso96 during installation and
    updates. Also creates all supported variables and sets them to the
    default values. Deletes everything during uninstall, too.
  - if the install script is activated and the system language is not
    properly selected (no or invalid ENV:Language) or there is no
    translation of the install script for that language, you now will
    be asked to choose a language first.
  - therefore only one 'Install' icon necessary.
  - added icon for the Picasso96.readme file so that the users can
    read about the recent changes more easily.
  - renamed the Installer script icon to 'Setup' to better reflect that
    the script handles installation, updates and deinstallation
  - added nederlands and norsk translations (Pieter Roodnat and Uwe Kubosch)
- Picasso96API:
  - fixed bug in 1.43 that caused the width and height parameters of PIPs
    to be ignored when opening the PIP.
  - *NEW FEATURE* user can now allocate private bitmaps that do not need
    to be locked. Especially useful for programs that need temporary fast
    memory bitmaps for rendering.
  - p96WritePixel(): fixed softsprite image trashing bug.
  - moved some functionality to the rtg.library.
- cybergraphics.library emulation:
  - WriteRGBPixel(): fixed softsprite image trashing bug.
  - fixed some CGX API function return values to be more compatible with
    the public documentation.
  - DoCDrawMethodTagList(): fixed bug with obscured cliprects.
  - moved some functionality to the rtg.library.

Changes in 1.43b:
- rtg.library:
  - fixed "DOpus crawling ants" bug (clipped lines with patterns
    went wrong)
- removed some potential problems in the InstallPicasso96 script
- included current printer patch

Changes in 1.43a:
- rtg.library:
  - fixed silly bug introduced with changes in WritePixel().

Changes in 1.43:
- rtg.library:
  - fixed and optimized DrawEllipse() in TrueColor
  - fixed complement Draw() in TrueColor (crawling ants bug)
  - fixed missing WaitBlit() in WriteChunkyPixels(), WritePixelArray8()
    and WritePixelLine8() subroutine
  - included optimized 24 bit CPU routines for BltTemplate() and
    BltPattern() by Niels Knoop (thanks a lot!)
  - fixed handling of the "ENV:Picasso96/PlanarOnlyDIPFDBUF" environment
    variable (cut'n'paste error, could therefore not work... :-)))
  - changed WritePixel() to gain a small speedup (thanks to Didier Levet
    for the suggestions)
- PicassoIV:
  - PIP can now scale down vertically to some degree by skipping lines
  - added some synchronisation in PIP setup to prevent board from running
    amok with PalomaTV sometimes
- CVision3D:
  - rearranged init function to behave better on ZorroIII systems
  - fixed scan doubler init and switch setting
  - BltPattern() no longer produces wrong patterns
  - fixed a stack problem when blitting in 32bit modes
  - doublescan modes are no fully visible
  - leftmost column of pixels is now visible again in 8bit modes
  - fixed memory clock setup which defaulted to ~6 MHz due to a bug
  - doubleclocked 8bit modes were accidently disabled (wrong refresh rates)
  - scan doubler access logic should now be correct (finally)
  - fixed interlace problems if vertical parameters had odd values
- RetinaBLT:
  - fixed mode setting bug that prevented modes with vtotals greater
    than 1024 from working at all
  - fixed another bug with double scan modes

Changes in 1.42:
- rtg.library: fixed small bug with the "ShowModes" environment variable
  which did not work when switching from custom flag setting to "all"
- added new environment variable "ENV:Picasso96/PlanarOnlyDIPFDBUF"
  which when set to "yes" removes the DIPF_IS_DBUFFER attribute form all
  non-planar Picasso96 modes. This is intended for Personal Paint users
  that work with animations. PPaint (at least upto version 7.2) does not
  check the screen bitmap format properly and assumes it to be planar
  which causes severe problems with chunky bitmaps. Using this variable
  prevents PPaint to use chunky screen modes for double buffer animations.
- corrected some cases within the new Hi/TrueColor CPU conversion
  functions which caused wrong results or crashes especially when no
  blitter was available
- optimized CPU line drawing routines (speed increases upto 50% depending
  on type of display and line) as well as 24bit ellipse drawing code
- CVision3D:
  - fixed garbled text on 8 bit screens (e.g. when typing in CON:), was
    caused by blitter running amok when doing too small expansion blits
  - added hardware video window (PIP), works now, but still needs some
    little work, please test but don't complain :-))
  - default memory clock is now 55 MHz (again)
  - fixed scan doubler handling
- Pixel64: included correct driver in archive
- Documentation: changed URL to the Picasso96 home page to reflect the
  new server location (
- new P96Speed (version 1.0) included in archive

Changes in 1.41a:
- fixed integration of new Hi/TrueColor CPU conversion functions
  causing severe errors by wrong jumps generated by linker
- CyberVision: fixed bugs in hardware line algorithm (lines were
  not drawn in some cases, result was different from CPU routine)
  and added support for textured lines.

Changes in 1.41:
- Draw() support in the hardware abstraction layer and can now be
- added new Hi/TrueColor CPU conversion functions developed by Stefan
  Sommerfeld (thanks a lot!)
- AttachSettings: added support for CVision3D (don't know why I forgot
  that in the first place... :-)))
- emulation.library: found at least four wrong conversions in the
  support.asm/GetPixel() function
- CVision3D:
  - implemented 24bit TrueColor modes (more economical and faster than
    32bit and can use blitter in all cases)
  - hardware interrupt added in ZorroIII (ZorroII not yet possible)
  - minimum memory clock (default) now set to 55MHz
- CyberVision: implemented hardware accelerated line algorithm (solid
  lines only)
- Merlin: added some NOPs to avoid color expansion problems (thanks to
  Jan-Willem van Wieren for investigating that issue)
- PicassoII: Code adjusted to avoid pixel errors in hicolor fonts and
  patterns on some cards. If it still doesn't suffice, activate the
  new tooltype "FONTSFIX=Yes" to switch from blitter to CPU rendering
  of the afflicted operations which should solve the problem for good.
- RetinaBLTZ3: added support for external MacroSystem video switch, is
  now used automatically used. NOTE: if you DON'T own such a device,
  add the tool type "DisplayChain=No" to the monitor driver icon!!!
- Picasso96API has three new functions:
  - p96EncodeColor
  - p96GetBoardDataTagList
  - p96GetRTGDataTagList
  new Develop.lha archive is available
- french documentation added (unfortunately not quite up to date)
- suomi installation and documentation added (thanks to Mikko Virtanen)

Changes in 1.40:
- fixed bug in rtg.library which could cause Enforcer hits during boot
- fixed bug in rtg.library and PicassoIV.chip which caused crashes if a
  PicassoIV with 7.4 ROM was used without p4specials.library
- fixed bug that caused screens sometimes to be black
- new tags for mode id query functions for video output support
- install script changed for ease of installation:
  - detects PicassoII's in segmented mode and issues a warning
  - new AttachSettings tool for basic settings file maintenance making
    things easier for first time Picasso96 users
  - Picasso96 is now ShareWare for users who don't own PicassoIV or
    Pixel64 boards and the installer script gives a hint about that
- CVision3D: driver now working in ZorroII based Amigas as well
- new environment variable "Picasso96/ShowModes":
  - "all": show all possible modes (including multiple modes of the same
         depth that are only different in their RGB format)
  - "essential": (default) the same behaviour as before, show only modes
         that are really different from each other
  - user supplied mask of RGB formats: decimal, hex($) or binary(%) value,
         see includes section about color formats; example: $e=%1110=14
         allows only 24 bit true color and chunky modes

Changes in 1.39:
- implemented CPU function for planar BltPattern() with rp->AreaPtrn (still
  no support for bltmask and rp->AreaPtrn together)
- fixed bug that caused enforcer hits with planar bitmaps in fast memory
- remove some stupid mask considerations for Hi/TrueColor bitmaps (which
  caused problems on such screens using less than 256 colors) 
- Picasso96Mode has some extra features now:
  - corrected algorithm to look for unused DisplayIDs when cloning settings
  - new menue entry "Setting/Batch change IDs" which is used to renumber
    all of the DisplayIDs for the current settings
  - menu entry "Mode/Print mode" now prints mode lines for NetBSD 1.3, too

Changes in 1.38:
- fixed a dangerous bug in the clipping code (hi-words of some data
  registers were trashed)
- implemented blitter emulation routines for planar bitmaps in fast memory
  except for: BltPattern() with rp->AreaPtrn as well as Flood() and Area#?()
  calls with rp->TmpRas->RasPtr pointing to fast memory; QBlit functionality
  is also missing for all bitmaps in fast memory
- corrected BltBitMap() behavior to be same on all boards when blitting
  from bitmaps with less planes than the destination bitmaps has
- new monitor tooltype "GrantDirectAccess": use this if you have problems
  with programs that use direct display memory access without using locking
  mechanisms like ShapeShifter on ZorroII Amigas with PicassoIV or with any
  Amiga using a CyberVision64 board; this tooltype when set to "yes" prevents
  bitmaps with different byte swapping requirements to be on the board
  simultaneously if they cannot be accessed at the same time without
  reconfiguring the board; when using PIP applications on ZorroII PicassoIV
  this tool type should be set to "no" (default) to allow all combinations
  of screen and PIP color formats
- fixed a small bug that was possibly causing wrong colors with CLUT screens
- PicassoIV: PIP handling (bandwidth calculations) improved, PIP windows
  on TrueColor screens are back, now switched off when window is occluded
- Merlin: fixed a bug in blitter accelerated BltPattern causing enforcer
  hits in some cases
- Merlin: planar to chunky blits wait for blitter ready flag between planes
- Retina BLT Z3: minimum memory clock is now 55 MHz
- CyberVision64: sprite colors are now set correctly when the mode changes

Changes in 1.37:
- removed SwapBitsRastPortClipRect bug (aka FastLayers/PictureManager bug)
- removed bug causing crashes with PMTNG while editing the test screen
- cybergraphics.library emulation now v41 compatible
- included an emulation of the cgxvideo.library using the video overlay
  of the PicassoIV (not tested well, no CV64/3D overlay support yet, will
  not work with Isis because of tests for emulation)
- added new board tool type "MemoryClock" which sets the memory clock
  (in MHz) of the board within the allowed ranges (you can check with
  CheckBoards to see the effectively used clock value). Boards that
  support variable memory clocks and the supported ranges (exceeding values
  will be clipped):
  - CyberVision64: 54-65
  - CyberVision3D: 55-65
  - Retina BLT Z3: 60-85
  Note: Cirrus based boards already run at maximum speed and therefore do
  not support this tool type, Tseng based boards do not support variable
  memory clocks
- PicassoII: added support for Pablo (all modes with 15 kHz and 50/60 Hz
  switch on the video encoder) and possibly fixed a bug with wrong colors
- Retina BLT Z3: fixed a bug causing some blitter trash on 68030 based
- extended PIP-API:
  - CLUT PIPs on Hi/TrueColor screens can have their own color table
  - PIP does no longer have to use the complete window interior

Contents of driver/video/Picasso96.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  280     628  44.6% -lh5- dff0 Nov 16  1999
[generic]                19153   34028  56.3% -lh5- 4e5a Dec 20  1998 Picasso96Install/Classes/DataTypes/picture.datatype
[generic]                 1764    2720  64.9% -lh5- 8cb5 May 27  1999 Picasso96Install/Devs/Monitors/Picasso96
[generic]                  171     356  48.0% -lh5- 637e Nov 13  1996 Picasso96Install/Devs/Monitors/
[generic]                  329    1022  32.2% -lh5- 72cd Jun 22  1998 Picasso96Install/Devs/Picasso96Settings.15
[generic]                  514    1658  31.0% -lh5- 270f Jun 22  1998 Picasso96Install/Devs/Picasso96Settings.31
[generic]                  532    1658  32.1% -lh5- 5761 Jun 22  1998 Picasso96Install/Devs/Picasso96Settings.35.5
[generic]                  573    1786  32.1% -lh5- 06ec Jun 22  1998 Picasso96Install/Devs/Picasso96Settings.38
[generic]                  574    1786  32.1% -lh5- 261e Jun 22  1998 Picasso96Install/Devs/Picasso96Settings.48
[generic]                  576    1786  32.3% -lh5- 11ad Jun 22  1998 Picasso96Install/Devs/Picasso96Settings.57
[generic]                  564    1786  31.6% -lh5- 01ad Jun 22  1998 Picasso96Install/Devs/Picasso96Settings.64
[generic]                  253     514  49.2% -lh5- a350 Mar  8  1998 Picasso96Install/Devs/Picasso96Settings.Pablo
[generic]                  200     364  54.9% -lh5- 9c7f Mar  2  1997 Picasso96Install/
[generic]                  281     628  44.7% -lh5- 5323 Sep 13  1998 Picasso96Install/
[generic]                 8900   22493  39.6% -lh5- 0574 May 26  1999 Picasso96Install/Documentation/
[generic]                  228     438  52.1% -lh5- b06f Aug 22  1999 Picasso96Install/Documentation/
[generic]                10297   26753  38.5% -lh5- 8ff8 May 27  1999 Picasso96Install/Documentation/
[generic]                  230     438  52.5% -lh5- bedf Aug 22  1999 Picasso96Install/Documentation/
[generic]                 8523   21849  39.0% -lh5- a44b May 26  1999 Picasso96Install/Documentation/Picasso96_franç
[generic]                  228     438  52.1% -lh5- 7463 Aug 22  1999 Picasso96Install/Documentation/Picasso96_franç
[generic]                 8172   21739  37.6% -lh5- 6323 May 26  1999 Picasso96Install/Documentation/
[generic]                  228     438  52.1% -lh5- 9b80 Aug 22  1999 Picasso96Install/Documentation/
[generic]                 7343   18282  40.2% -lh5- 7a6c May 26  1999 Picasso96Install/Documentation/
[generic]                  225     438  51.4% -lh5- 0723 Aug 22  1999 Picasso96Install/Documentation/
[generic]                  290     628  46.2% -lh5- 5e03 Jul 31  1998 Picasso96Install/
[generic]                  270     628  43.0% -lh5- c7b1 Dec 23  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/
[generic]                  399     752  53.1% -lh5- 3484 Oct 27  1997 Picasso96Install/Drivers/ADPro/
[generic]                  399     753  53.0% -lh5- 38c4 Oct 27  1997 Picasso96Install/Drivers/ADPro/
[generic]                  540    1829  29.5% -lh5- 1909 Dec 15  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/ADPro/InstallADPro
[generic]                  275     628  43.8% -lh5- 1851 Dec 15  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/ADPro/
[generic]                 3130    5148  60.8% -lh5- 90c4 Jan 16  1997 Picasso96Install/Drivers/ADPro/Savers2/Picasso96
[generic]                  273     628  43.5% -lh5- 6ffb Dec 23  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/
[generic]                  271     628  43.2% -lh5- f618 Dec 15  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/Photogenics/
[generic]                  273     628  43.5% -lh5- 3fbe Dec 15  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/Photogenics/data/
[generic]                 1643    3016  54.5% -lh5- 31e5 Jan  7  1997 Picasso96Install/Drivers/Photogenics/data/GIO/Picasso96.gio
[generic]                  410     765  53.6% -lh5- 87dc Oct 27  1997 Picasso96Install/Drivers/Photogenics/
[generic]                  407     764  53.3% -lh5- 38b7 Oct 27  1997 Picasso96Install/Drivers/Photogenics/
[generic]                  549    1859  29.5% -lh5- 0437 Dec 15  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/Photogenics/InstallPhotogenics
[generic]                  276     628  43.9% -lh5- 64da Dec 23  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/
[generic]                  408     767  53.2% -lh5- 2227 Oct 27  1997 Picasso96Install/Drivers/ShapeShifter/
[generic]                  407     766  53.1% -lh5- a81e Oct 27  1997 Picasso96Install/Drivers/ShapeShifter/
[generic]                  551    1861  29.6% -lh5- 53f4 Dec 15  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/ShapeShifter/InstallShapeShifter
[generic]                  270     628  43.0% -lh5- ff00 Dec 15  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/ShapeShifter/Video
[generic]                  729    1204  60.5% -lh5- 2506 Feb  9  1997 Picasso96Install/Drivers/ShapeShifter/Video Drivers/Picasso96
[generic]                  176     450  39.1% -lh5- 62f1 Dec 15  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/ShapeShifter/Video Drivers/
[generic]                  271     628  43.2% -lh5- 330c Dec 23  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/
[generic]                  401     757  53.0% -lh5- 3f12 Oct 27  1997 Picasso96Install/Drivers/XiPaint/
[generic]                  405     756  53.6% -lh5- 5e02 Oct 27  1997 Picasso96Install/Drivers/XiPaint/
[generic]                  545    1836  29.7% -lh5- 2729 Dec 15  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/XiPaint/InstallXiPaint
[generic]                  275     628  43.8% -lh5- f5ea Dec 15  1996 Picasso96Install/Drivers/XiPaint/
[generic]                 5139   11196  45.9% -lh5- 73bc Jan  4  1997 Picasso96Install/Drivers/XiPaint/libs/xout_g.library
[generic]                 1161    1636  71.0% -lh5- 6de7 Feb  1  1997 Picasso96Install/FindBoard
[generic]                60617  109956  55.1% -lh5- 9576 Apr 30  1996 Picasso96Install/Installer
[generic]                54101  199505  27.1% -lh5- d474 Nov 16  1999 Picasso96Install/InstallPicasso96
[generic]                 3143    4128  76.1% -lh5- df89 Aug 17  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/Altais.card
[generic]                 7209   12340  58.4% -lh5- 238f Sep  3  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/CirrusGD542X.chip
[generic]                 7827   14060  55.7% -lh5- d25e Sep  3  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/CirrusGD5434.chip
[generic]                10391   14876  69.9% -lh5- ab49 Sep  3  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/CirrusGD5446.chip
[generic]                 3066    4980  61.6% -lh5- 6f92 Sep 19  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/CVision3D.card
[generic]                 1848    3288  56.2% -lh5- e56e Aug 17  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/CyberVision.card
[generic]                  680     912  74.6% -lh5- 6ab6 Apr  4  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/Domino.card
[generic]                18909   39652  47.7% -lh5- a2a5 Sep 19  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/emulation.library
[generic]                 1069    1460  73.2% -lh5- 2c48 Mar 16  1998 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/fastlayers.library
[generic]                  892    1236  72.2% -lh5- ef4b Sep  3  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/Graffity.card
[generic]                 2097    3384  62.0% -lh5- 9596 Apr  4  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/Merlin.card
[generic]                 3598    7804  46.1% -lh5- f465 Aug 31  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/NCR77C32BLT.chip
[generic]                  901    1440  62.6% -lh5- 7c48 Apr  4  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/oMniBus.card
[generic]                 1252    1728  72.5% -lh5- b7d2 Nov 16  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/PicassoII.card
[generic]                11345   20476  55.4% -lh5- ec53 Sep  6  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/PicassoIV.card
[generic]                 1051    1456  72.2% -lh5- 5236 Sep  3  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/Piccolo.card
[generic]                 1046    1420  73.7% -lh5- ab1e Sep  3  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/PiccoloSD64.card
[generic]                  665     900  73.9% -lh5- 9108 Sep  3  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/Pixel64.card
[generic]                 3137    4128  76.0% -lh5- 2dd1 Aug 17  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/RetinaBLT.card
[generic]               106959  216548  49.4% -lh5- 7b6c Nov 16  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/rtg.library
[generic]                 5535    9396  58.9% -lh5- 5cff Aug 17  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/S3Trio64.chip
[generic]                 8395   17516  47.9% -lh5- 51fe Sep 13  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/S3ViRGE.chip
[generic]                 1053    1460  72.1% -lh5- 0b2d Sep  3  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/Spectrum.card
[generic]                 2310    4408  52.4% -lh5- 2948 Aug 17  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/TsengET4000.chip
[generic]                 4905    9532  51.5% -lh5- 695f Aug 27  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/TsengET4000W32.chip
[generic]                  858    1704  50.4% -lh5- 7b57 Jan 24  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96/uaegfx.card
[generic]                13552   24520  55.3% -lh5- c1e2 Sep 19  1999 Picasso96Install/Libs/Picasso96API.library
[generic]                  286     628  45.5% -lh5- 43c5 Jul 31  1998 Picasso96Install/
[generic]                 8064   19977  40.4% -lh5- 7344 Nov 16  1999 Picasso96Install/Picasso96.readme
[generic]                  323     864  37.4% -lh5- e4b7 Aug 16  1999 Picasso96Install/
[generic]                11877   21840  54.4% -lh5- b14a Mar 13  1999 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/AttachSettings
[generic]                  275     628  43.8% -lh5- 4b8f Dec 14  1997 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/
[generic]                 7318   11860  61.7% -lh5- 0c8f Nov 16  1999 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/Debug/CheckBoards
[generic]                  394     835  47.2% -lh5- 28bf Dec 15  1996 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/Debug/
[generic]                14003   22924  61.1% -lh5- bb6c Jan  7  1997 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/FliP96
[generic]                  392     835  46.9% -lh5- 1c1b Dec 14  1997 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/
[generic]                 4497    7704  58.4% -lh5- f113 Dec 13  1998 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/P96_PrinterPatch
[generic]                 2091    5010  41.7% -lh5- 160a Dec 13  1998 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/P96_PrinterPatch.doc
[generic]                  240     492  48.8% -lh5- 966f Dec 13  1998 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/
[generic]                  308     537  57.4% -lh5- 2b4c Dec 13  1998 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/
[generic]                  278     628  44.3% -lh5- 25a2 Feb 28  1998 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/
[generic]                  292     512  57.0% -lh5- fb27 Feb 25  1998 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/P96Speed/!IMPORTANT!
[generic]                 3768    8464  44.5% -lh5- 2f1c Oct 18  1998 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/P96Speed/catalogs/deutsch/Identify.catalog
[generic]                 1479    3056  48.4% -lh5- 3ac8 Feb  6  1999 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/P96Speed/catalogs/deutsch/P96Speed.catalog
[generic]                 1531    3158  48.5% -lh5- d7f4 Feb  6  1999 
[generic]                 1628    3052  53.3% -lh5- 615c Feb  6  1999 
[generic]                 1265    3552  35.6% -lh5- fd82 Feb  6  1999 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/P96Speed/Compare.dat
[generic]                28867   83108  34.7% -lh5- 8965 Feb 10  1999 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/P96Speed/P96Speed
[generic]                 7224   19385  37.3% -lh5- 8f93 Feb 10  1999 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/P96Speed/
[generic]                 1094    1686  64.9% -lh5- c7a0 Nov  6  1998 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/P96Speed/
[generic]                 1338    1991  67.2% -lh5- 422e Sep 15  1999 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/P96Speed/
[generic]                 2518    6092  41.3% -lh5- fa60 Feb 10  1999 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/P96Speed/P96Speed.readme
[generic]                   58      58 100.0% -lh0- 03e3 Feb 10  1999 Picasso96Install/Picasso96/P96Speed/Version
[generic]                31416   66500  47.2% -lh5- 1579 Sep 13  1999 Picasso96Install/Prefs/Picasso96Mode
[generic]                  328     618  53.1% -lh5- 2e63 Feb  2  1997 Picasso96Install/Prefs/
[generic]                15430   49504  31.2% -lh5- b54f Sep 25  1999 Picasso96Install/Prefs/PVS
[generic]                 5705   14708  38.8% -lh5- 97fb Sep 25  1999 Picasso96Install/Prefs/
[generic]                 1289    1878  68.6% -lh5- e80c Dec 28  1997 Picasso96Install/Prefs/
[generic]                 1268    1668  76.0% -lh5- 2a04 Dec 28  1997 Picasso96Install/Prefs/
[generic]                  483     969  49.8% -lh5- bdb0 Dec 28  1997 Picasso96Install/Prefs/ReadMe.mui
[generic]                  551    1434  38.4% -lh5- cbeb Dec 28  1997 Picasso96Install/Prefs/
[generic]                 1033    1468  70.4% -lh5- 800e Aug 12  1996 Picasso96Install/Reboot
[generic]                  368     716  51.4% -lh5- c0f3 May 27  1999 Picasso96Install/
[generic]                   64      64 100.0% -lh0- 8a2f Nov 16  1999 Picasso96Install/Version
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total       118 files  588035 1309037  44.9%            Nov 17  1999

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