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Short:Warp3D software render driver for WOS
Author:Stephane Guillard (stephane.guillard at
Uploader:Stephane Guillard (stephane guillard steria fr)
Version:beta 25 (14.02.2002)
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* What it is :
This is a software driver for Warp3D, which enables :
- using Warp3D applications, demos and games with PPC Amigas not equipped with a
3D GFx board, or not equiped with a GFx board at all (but requires P96 or
- using Warp3D applications, demos and games not compatible with a 3D Gfx
board (example : WipeOut and CGx4/Voodoo3).

New features since last upload :
* First upload

What is required :
* PPC amiga
* WarpOS
* Warp3D 4.2
* CybergraphX or Picasso96 (even without a gfx board)
* Any GFx system (RTG board, 3D RTG board or Amiga chipset)

* Installation
If you already have Warp3D installed and have a 3D gfx board :
    o copy the W3D_CPU_PPC.library to libs:Warp3D/hwdrivers,
    o setenv warp3D/cpu/chip according to your chip as described below
    o In order to use the CPU driver, remove the real 3D hwdriver you have
in LIBS:Warp3D/hwdriver. Then enter "avail flush" in a shell
to make sure all drivers are removed from memory. Then start your 3D app
and the software render is on the job !

If you don't do the setenv, the swrender WILL NOT WORK. This is due to the way
the Warp3D libraries manage the drivers.

If you haven't installed Warp3D already and have no 3D Gfx board :
    o install Warp3D, pretend you have a CV64/3D even if it is not true.
    o copy the W3D_CPU_PPC.library to libs:Warp3D/hwdrivers,
    o start your 3D app and the software render is on the job !
What it does :
* supports all Warp3D features except mainly fog, stencil, alpha blending,
filtering, mipmapping, antialiasing
* support for all chunky and planar screenmodes (inc. OCS/ECS/AGA)
* successfully tested with all current Warp3D apps and demos (warptest,
gears, engine, minigl demos, mesa demos, dsoab, skulpt, wipeout etc.)
* no enforcer hits, should be fully stable, runs for hours
* configurable to lower resolution and increase speed (setenv
warp3D/cpu/tile n where n is the tile size between 1 and 9)
* configurable to force hardware chip id, to enable rendering on a 3D gfx
board (setenv warp3D/cpu/chip n where n is chip id as follows from
 W3D_CHIP_UNKNOWN        1    // Use for rendering on a non 3D gfx board or
on Amiga chipset
 W3D_CHIP_VIRGE          2    // Use for S3 ViRGE boards (like CV64/3D)
 W3D_CHIP_PERMEDIA2      3    // Use for PM2 boards (like CyberVisionPPC or
 W3D_CHIP_AVENGER_LE     5    // Use for Voodoo 3
* Textures are used from app. memory (no buffer allocated ; fast but
disables updating texture images asynchronously)
* ZBuffer goes in fast RAM (less VRAM usage)
* All texture bitmap and screen bitmap modes supported.

What it doesn't do :
* 68K version (distribution not allowed by Hyperion because of Amithlon
Warp3D licensing issues)
* Source code (the Warp3D driver SDK is closed and property of Hyperion)
* Main missing feature : alpha blending
* This version does not include the texture alpha channel management, so no

Here are the 6 configs which successfully run the swrender :
- A4K+PPC+G-Rex+Voodoo3+OS3.9+CGX4+Warp3D4.2a. On this machine, the 68K and
the PPC versions work without problems with the software mentioned below.
- A4K+PPC+Picasso4+CGx4+OS3.5+Warp3D4.2a. same as above.
- A1200+PPC+BVPPC+CGx4+OS3.9. Same as above.

- A4K+MK2/060+ViRGE CV64/3D+CGX4+OS3.9+Warp3D4.2a. On this machine the 68K
version works without problem with the software mentioned below.
- A3K+MK2/060+Picasso4+CGX4+OS3.9+Warp3D4.2a. Same as above.
- Amithlon+GeForce2+Pic96+OS3.9. Same as above.

My software test suite contains the following software which exhibit no
problem at all :
- Gears, both fullscreen and windowed modes, both PPC and 68K
- glSokoban, both 68K & PPC
- All Mesa Demos, both 68K & PPC
- WipeOut 2097, only on PPC of course
- WarpTest, only 68K of course
- Engine, only 68K of course.

Contents of driver/video/Warp3D_CPU_PPC.lha
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-r--r----- 20025/206     19272   56840  33.9% -lh5- eecb Feb 24  2002 W3D_CPU_PPC.library
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         1 file    19272   56840  33.9%            Mar  2  2002

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