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Short:BenchClock V1.60 - Real Digital Clock for WB or any PubScreen
Author:pliukko at (Pertti Liukkonen)
Uploader:pliukko jmp fi (Pertti Liukkonen)
Requires:OS 2.04+
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A small and very configurable digital clock for Workbench or any
Public Screen with Screennotify.library support. 
100% Assembly coded using Asm-One 1.29.

Fifth public release 5 Nov 1997, V1.60 Freely Distributable FREEWARE
BenchClock (C) 1997 Peolli productions (Pertti Liukkonen)

What's New? - look 'History'!

Kickstart 2.04 or better.

PUBSCREEN     (BOOL)  Name of Public Screen where the window should be opened
                      If NULL, window will opened in a default public screen
SCREENNOTIFY  (BOOL)  Window will be closed automatically when Workbench
		      screen is changed. After WB has done the update,
                      window will be opened again.
                      Requires screennotify.library V1.0 (C) Stefan Becker 
BACKDROP      (BOOL)  Backrop-style window
STAYFRONT     (BOOL)  Window stays on front of all the other windows 
BORDERLESS    (BOOL)  Borderless window

LEFT          (INT)   The position of window's left edge. (>=0)
TOP 	      (INT)   The postiton of window's top edge (>=0)
DIGWIDTH      (INT)   Width of the digits  (>=1)
DIGHEIGHT     (INT)   Height of the digits (>=1)

12HOURS       (BOOL)  12 hour mode, AM/PM will be added
SECONDS       (BOOL)  Displays seconds
UPDATESECS    (INT)   Delay between updates

NOCLOSEGADGET (BOOL)  Hides close gadget 
                      (window can be always closed via menus)
NODEPTHGADGET (BOOL)  Hides depth gadget
NODRAGBAR     (BOOL)  Hides window dragbar
NOWINTITLE    (BOOL)  Hides window title

VERSEGSIZE    (INT)   Size of the vertical segments  (1-3 pixels)
HORSEGSIZE    (INT)   Size of the horizontal segments (1-3)
MIDSEGSIZE    (INT)   Size of the middle segment (1-3)

BGCOLOR       (INT)   Background color (>=0)
SHDWCOLOR     (INT)   Shadow color (unused segments) (>=0)

COLONFGCOLOR  (INT)   Colon Foreground color (>=0)
SECFGCOLOR    (INT)   Foreground color for seconds (>=0)
MINFGCOLOR    (INT)   Foreground color for minutes (>=0)
HOURFGCOLOR   (INT)   Foreground color for hours (>=0)
AMPMCOLOR     (INT)   Color for AM/PM (>=0)

COLONBLINK    (BOOL)  Makes colons to blink

EXTRABORDER   (INT)   Draws extra border around the display. Currently only
                      one type (=1). For best results adjust XSPACE and 
EBCOLOR1      (INT)   Color #1 for EXTRABORDER
EBCOLOR2      (INT)   Color #2 for EXTRABORDER

SPACE         (INT)   The space between hours-minutes-seconds (>=0)
XSPACE        (INT)   The space between the numbers and the window's vertical
                      borders (>=0)
YSPACE        (INT)   The space between the numbers and the window's 
                      horizontal borders (>=0)

If you have set NOCLOSEGADGET, you can quit BenchClock from the Main menu.
Also STAYFRONT can be enabled/disabled from the Options menu. 

Copy the program (BenchClock) and the icon ( to WbStartup
or anywhere you like.

Program can be launched from Workbench or CLI.

Workbench: Double click the BenchClock Icon
CLI:       BenchClock <iconfilename> NOTE: filename WITHOUT ".info"!

NOTICE: When you run the BenchClock from the CLI, prefs will be loaded
from the default icon file (<Program name> + ".info")
You can also specify other icon file, for example typing in command line:
BenchClock temp:icons/BC2 (opens file) 

If you want to use SCREENNOTIFY feature you need also screennotify.library.
You can get it from Aminet. ("util/libs/ScreenNotify10.lha" - 19k)

Configuration has to be made using tooltypes.

Known Bugs

Use reasonable values only with the tooltypes! It shouldn't crash your 
system, if you use it right. But it may, so please inform me about any 
bugs. When an error occures BenchClock doesn't print out any messages.

I don't take any responsibilities of any damage on your system that 
BenchClock may cause.

Future Improvements
Because I want to keep the executable quite small and limit the memory 
usage, only few improvement will be made. Some ideas:

- Advanced screennotify.library support
- Adjustable size for each digit
- More extra borders
- Date/alarm

These are coming, but not very soon. I have also other projects going on.
Your suggestions are always welcome. Good user suggestions will be 
implemented first.

- And of course bug fixes, if there founds any.

V1.60 Fifth public release 5 Nov 1997.
      Bloody bug fixed: BenchClock was quite unusable when launched
      from cli without filename; sometimes crashed totally, sometimes 
      the BC display went crazy...
      Added screennotify.library support. Only works with Workbench 
      screen now.

V1.55 Fourth public release 16 Oct 1997.
      Bug fixed: V1.54 didn't free all memory in 24 hour mode.

V1.54 Third public release 14 Oct 1997.
      Bug fixed: Program caused some BYTE-READ Enforcer hits in startup
      (Silly, but not so dangerous bug.)
      Added full window dragging. It's possible to move a NODRAGBAR 
      window now. Some optimizations.

V1.53 Minor changes. Added stayfront menu shortcut. 

V1.52 Second public release 13 Oct 1997. 
      Added EXTRABORDER, EBCOLOR1 and EBCOLOR2. New Options menu with
      Stayfront toggle. Tooltypes reorganized. Some minor code changes.

V1.51 Bug fixed: STAYFRONT was incompatible with PowerSnap; snapping
      was interrupted in updates. Reported by Fredrik Ismyren, thanks! 

V1.5  First public release

V1.0 - V1.4 Internal beta versions

o To all BenchClock users and bug reporters!
o For all suggestions.
o Tommi Liukkonen for beta testing and some ideas.
o Amiga - Only Amiga makes it possible.

Feel free to contact for any reason:

Peolli productions (Pertti Liukkonen), Finland
Email : pliukko at
URL   :   
I'm also very interested in how many BenchClock users there is...
so please send some email if you are using it!

My english is not perfect, but I hope you got the point ;)

Contents of util/time/BenchClock.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 5019    9820  51.1% -lh5- 1dd2 Nov  4  1997 BenchClock
[generic]                 3040    7112  42.7% -lh5- 3b0d Nov  5  1997
[generic]                  259     503  51.5% -lh5- 69a9 Oct 30  1997
[generic]                  639    2966  21.5% -lh5- 05c1 Nov  4  1997
[generic]                 2813    6405  43.9% -lh5- 5ff3 Nov  5  1997 BenchClock.readme
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 Total         5 files   11770   26806  43.9%            Nov 11  1997

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